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Portage Public Schools, in partnership with Skyward, offers you electronic access to your students’ academic records, attendance, report cards, and other information. This portal also allows you self-service options to update email addresses, phone numbers, and other related items. The portal’s web address is, or click on the button to the right. 

Important Note:
The contact information you add to your skyward account is used by our alert system to notify you about school closings, transportation notices and potential emergency notifications. You may select multiple ways in which you would like receive these messages (phone, email, text).

All of your student and family information in one easily accessible place.

Your Skyward account lets you see your children's grades, unofficial transcripts, attendance, schedules, emergency contacts, demographic data, and health information. You will be able to review the accuracy and submit corrections. 

Sign up for automated emails and adjust your alert settings for messages the district sends directly to your phone. 

You will be able to access an online directory of the other families attending your school. Families have the option to opt out of these directories by adjusting their privacy settings.

Keep your information up-to-date.

Skyward allows you to submit information to the district quickly and easily. Specifically, once you gain access you will want to check the following information and keep it current.

  • Emergency Contacts - we ask that you add at least two current emergency contacts for each of your children.

  • Health Information - please review, update the health information for your children.

  • Confirm Race/Ethnicity - this is required by state and federal regulations pertaining to the operation of public schools.

  • Directory Options - Portage Public Schools routinely provides directory information (which includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses) for student and their parents/guardians for use by non-school entities as mandated by the Freedom of Information Act. Examples include gifted and talented programs, summer programs, military recruiters, higher education recruitment offices, parent teacher organizations, and other parents with children enrolled in the same schools as your children.  You have the option of excluding your child or family  from these directories. Change your preferences in settings. 

You can get to all of these items by clicking on the Student Info button followed by the request changes link in the upper right hand portion of the portal window.

Skyward Portal technical support may be reached via

Skyward Access Button

First time using Skyward?

Follow these easy steps

1. Make sure your email is on file and up to date with your school.  This should have been included with your enrollment information.

2. Click on the Skyward Portal Access for the log in screen.

3. Click on the "Forgot Password" link.

4. Enter the email you have on file with your school and click "submit".

‚Äč5. You will receive a link in your email inbox with a Login ID and instructions to reset your password. 

Something not right?

Please contact your building's office for assistance. They will verify your email and send you a reset link.

Students receive their own accounts

Your students have their own id's and passwords for the portal - never share yours with them, otherwise they will be able to change information you may not want them to. Once the portal is activated, student id's and passwords for Skyward are exactly the same as the id's and passwords they use to log onto our district computer network and related systems.