Food Service Office Staff

Main Office Number - 269.323.5155    


Susan Livingston, Director of Dining Services
Voice Mail 269.323.5154

Alisa Simpson, Administrative Assistant
Voice Mail 269.323.5155

Ken Bailey, Executive Chef
Voice Mail 269.323.5173

 Smoothie Bike


Building Food Service Staff: Please leave a message and someone will return your call

Elementary Schools:

Amberly Elementary 269.323.5991
Angling Road Elementary 269.323.6091
Central Elementary 269.323.6191
Haverhill Elementary 269.323.6291
Lake Center Elementary 269.323.6391
Moorsbridge Elementary 269.323.6491
12th Street Elementary 269.323.6995
Woodland Elementary 269.323.6691
Curious Kids Program PCEC 269.323.6791