What is the E2 program?

E-Squared (Enrichment and Extension) is a one full day a week program for students in grades three through five. Its purpose is to provide time for high ability students to meet together at the Enrichment Center to experience challenging activities outside of the general curriculum.

How do students qualify for E2?

In the second grade, the Otis Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) is administered to all students. The data collected from that assessment, along with school achievement (benchmark) data and teacher observation information is analyzed to identify the academic top 5% of the students.

Upon request from a parent or classroom teacher, students new to the district are evaluated, using a combination of ability and achievement data obtained through a testing process.

What if a student does not qualify for the Third Grade Program?

A parent or teacher may nominate a child for re-evaluation, to be done in the fall of third, fourth or fifth grade.

What is taught in the E2 Program?

Critical and creative thinking are the foundation of learning in this program. Students will collaborate during interdisciplinary units as well as experience instruction in logical-mathematical and language based challenges. An abbreviated list of past studies includes:

  • Create a Business
  • Mock Presidential Campaign
  • Lego Robotics
  • Hands On Equations
  • Mock Trial

Problem solving involving the use of a variety of strategies is emphasized. Fourth and fifth graders will complete a guided independent study project on a topic of their choosing.

How are E2 students evaluated?

Progress reports are issued twice a year. Parent teacher conferences are held after first semester each year.

The E2 teachers have regular contact with the classroom teachers. Students’ effort and performance are evaluated throughout the year to be certain that the E2 program continues to be the proper placement to meet their needs. If it becomes evident that staying in their home school classroom is best for the student, parents will be notified.

The E2 teachers can be contacted at 323-5090 if there are any further questions. The E2 EBoard with more information can be found at: http://www.ppsgt.portage.site.eboard.com