Parent Information 

We encourage you to sign up for announcements directly with your child's school office as they are the most direct source of timely information.  Find your building on the Schools tab. The information here is provided to supplement your school and provide general information and resources for parents in the Portage Public School District.

School Closing Announcements:

On days when we have to close school due to weather, we will make the announcement by 6 a.m.
We will use multiple means of communication.

Text Message
Automated phone call
PPS Facebook and Twitter
Web site homepage
PPS Information Line 323-6800

Illness and Infection Prevention:

If you child is feeling ill, please use your best judgement on whether to send him/her to school. Help contain the spread of viruses by encouraging good hygiene and hand washing. Cover your coughs and sneezes. Small habits can have a big impact. 

Voluntary Student Insurance

PPS offers this voluntary program because of trends in family health and dental insurance. Decreasing coverage levels with increasing deductibles and/or percentages of co-payment are common concerns facing families today. Please visit to access the plans available to Portage Public School families.