Mandatory Notices

Portage Public Schools uses various methods to communicate annual notices such as high school and middle school student handbooks , or parent handbooks, building signs, website and e-mail messages. Those notices are also posted here.


Freedom of Information Act - by law, citizens are allowed to request documents or records from the school district. The information must already exist in document form. FOIA does not cover the creation of information or summaries.

Directory Information on Students/Student Records

McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison: Janet Johnstone is the district homeless liaison officer. She can be reached at 323-5140 or

Safety Drills

Section 504/ADA Compliance Officers:

 Brad Galin  Jennifer Tuyls
 Director of Human Resources Human Resource Specialist
 Portage Public Schools Portage Public Schools
8107 Mustang Dr.  8107 Mustang Dr. 
Portage MI 49002 Porage MI 49002
 269-323-5000  269-323-5000

Specific Learning Disability (SLD) public notice

Pest Control Annual Notice