Welcome to Portage Public Schools

Mark Bielang

Since our beginnings in 1922, our District has been a leader in providing the highest quality K-12 education possible. We began as an innovative teacher training site for what is now Western Michigan University, under the leadership of Cleora Skinner. We evolved throughout the years into a premiere school district with involved parents and community members, a highly-trained faculty (more than 73% with graduate degrees), and students learning what they needed to pursue their post-secondary dreams.  We work towards a vision of creating an exceptional, continuously improving learning culture, committed to all!

Today, Portage Public Schools educates more than 8,600 students.  Our students:

  • Attend school at one of 8 elementary, 3 middle schools, 2 traditional or 1 alternative high school.  All featuring state-of-the art access to technology and curriculum.

  • Have access to our International Baccalaureate program at either Northern or Central High School, online and dual-enrollment classes and world languages all taught by exceptional faculty.

  • Learn and grow in safe & nurturing schools because of our community commitment to secure facilities.

  • As one of the highest achieving school districts in the State, our students are able to achieve more through a multi-tiered system of support for learning at every level.

We are pleased that you are visiting our website and I hope you are finding the information you need. If not, please contact our Community Relations Office at 323-5162 and they will assist you in any way they can.

Thank you for your interest in Portage Public Schools.

Mark T. Bielang 
Superintendent of Portage Public Schools